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Declaration regarding Open Access to Government Data Online

Declaration regarding Open Access to Government Data Online

  1. Licensing Methods and Scope
    To promote applications of online government information, all data and materials on the Taipei Astronomical Museum (hereinafter referred to as TAM) website shall be accessible by the public without compensation, non-exclusively, and shall be sublicensed to other parties. Users shall be able to reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit, or utilize the data in other ways. Users shall also be given an irrevocable license to develop products or services based on the data (referred to as derivative works) without any restrictions with regard to time or territory. In addition, users shall not be required to obtain the license in written or other forms from the TAM but will, however, be required to clearly accredit the relevant source.
  2. Relevant Matters
    • The scope of the license shall only extend to areas stipulated by the Copyright Act, but not extend to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and the logo of the TAM.
    • Whether the personal information made public by the parties or by law shall be collected, processed, or used shall be governed pursuant to Personal Information Protection Act. Users shall take protective measures stipulated by Personal Information Act for accessing the personal information.
    • Certain video or audio recordings, images, music scores, articles etc., shall only be published on the TAM website but not used for other purposes according to specific agreements. Therefore, data or materials specifically designated by the TAM shall be accessed only after consent is obtained and fall beyond the scope of the license.
    • Data or materials obtained from the TAM website shall not be maliciously changed or altered. Users shall be subject to civil or criminal liability should the information edited or adapted is inconsistent with the original purpose or content.
  3. 3. The license granted does not imply that the TAM recommends, approves, or agrees with users developing derivative works based on data from the TAM website.

Usage restrictions on copyrighted music content

  1. Relicensing, reselling, renting, leasing, transferring, donating, or releasing the music to a business partner, or separating the rights to use the music and those of musical works that realize said music.
  2. Reselling, republishing, sharing or transferring any music, or providing access thereto.
  3. Producing, publishing, selling or otherwise utilizing a "recording", compact disc or MP3 file, or any other audio work that by itself realizes the sound and contains the music, with the exception of purely audio work explicitly described in the definition of the term “work” above. For the purposes of this clause, the term “recording” is taken to mean any form of reproduction, whether known currently or created at a later time, produced or distributed primarily for use in the home or school or in jukeboxes, and is used to reproduce the sound alone (excluding the accompanying materials).
  4. Using the music in other materials deemed pornographic, defamatory, scandalous, obscene, unethical, illegal, or in violation of any rights of a business partner.
  5. Transporting, transferring or exporting the music to countries or regions prohibited by export laws, restrictions or regulations, thus violating relevant export laws, restrictions or regulations.
  6. Using, selling, relicensing, copying, publishing, or demonstrating the music, or incorporating said music into a library of works or downloadable files, or making the music the library’s content or downloadable content, or providing the music in whole or in part, or integrating the music or any derivative works containing said music with any other stock items, libraries or collections.
  7. Modifying the music by using remix, mashup or other means, unless you have been authorized under the terms of this agreement to carry out basic editing on the music (e.g., setting the start/end points of a selection or determining shelving points).
  8. Using the music in purely audio works that contain mainly music.
  9. Portions of the music have been licensed by and Please refrain from circumventing the above restrictions.

Usage restrictions on copyrighted video content

  1. Utilizing any of the visual materials in obscene, defamatory or untruthful content, or utilizing the materials in a manner that can be considered defamatory, obscene, or illegal.
  2. Modifying the visual content designated as "editorial use only", thus resulting in changes in the context depicted by the content.
  3. Utilizing the visual content designated as "editorial use only" for commercial purposes.
  4. The following is prohibited regarding the visual content: reselling, redistributing, allowing access, sharing or transferring, with the exception of actions expressly permitted by the provisions herein. Examples of such prohibitions include (but are not limited to): displaying the visual content in a content library (or as one of its constituent components) in such a manner that a business partner may search for and select the content therefrom.
  5. Utilizing the visual content in a manner that infringes upon the trademarks or other intellectual property rights of a business partner, or that results in deceptive advertisement, or that leads to claims of unfair competition.
  6. Utilizing the visual content (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or a geographical indication, or as part of the above purposes.
  7. Declaring in an explicit or reasonably suggestive manner that the visual content has been created by you or someone other than the copyright holder of said visual content.
  8. The video are prohibited from being disseminated as multimedia products via broadcast television, cable television networks, OTT video services (such as Netflix and Amazon Video) or at movie theaters.
  9. “Still images” derived from the video are prohibited from being used, with the exception that derivative works containing these images may be utilized in marketing, promotional campaigns and advertisements.
  10. Portions of the video have been licensed by and Please refrain from circumventing the above restrictions.