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Structure of the earth

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Audio Guide:
From inside to outside, Earth can be divided into the core, the mantle, and the crust. The core at the center provides the source of Earth’s energy, and can be further divided into the solid inner core and the liquid outer core.
The mantle is consisted of rocks with higher density. Its upper part and the crust collectively form the rock sphere, which is like jigsaw puzzles because it is formed by continents of various sizes.
The crust is Earth’s outer layer, and is consisted of rocks with lower density. It can be divided into the continental crust and the oceanic crust. Although the crust is thin, it is the vital region where living creatures inhabit.
On view here is an Earth model that has different layers, and visitors can take each layer out to study and compare it with others. 

Exhibit Introduction:
Illustrating the inner structure of earth, letting the visitors know the different proportions of the inner structural layers of earth via the cutaway models. The visitors can feel the different density of the layers of earth by picking up the cutaway models of each layer.