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Audio Guide:
The Earth system is also called the climate system, and is consisted of the atmosphere, the water sphere, the rock sphere, and the biosphere. Although they are independent systems, their interaction also affects the global environment and our life.
Among these systems, the atmosphere absorbs heat and moisture from Earth's surface. It also provides important elements for survival of all living creatures, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. Changes take places rapidly in the atmosphere, which has the closest relationship to our life.
The water sphere is consisted of all the water on Earth. The changes in the water cycle also influence the entire weather system.
The rock sphere refers to Earth's solid surface layer, including the crust and the upper part of the mantle. In addition, oceans, accumulated snow, glaciers, and sea ice are also part of the rock sphere.
The biosphere includes places where living creature exit . From a broader perspective, the biosphere also includes the environment that living creatures inhabit, which is an enclosed and self-regulating system.
Visitors can learn more about the water cycle through the multi-media video.

Exhibit Introduction:
Primary module projection is adapted to introduce the process of water cycle.