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View from space

Time of Visit : 5Minute
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Audio Guide
Audio Guide:
Do you know why a mobile phone can be used as a GPS device? It is because of satellites. Satellites include weather satellites, navigation satellites, Earth resources satellites, etc., and each type of satellites contribute to different aspects of our life in an important way. For example, communication satellites transmit telephone, television and radio signals; weather satellites observe and monitor Earth’s weather condition; navigation satellites can do geographical positioning, which is the global positioning system, or GPS, that we hear all the time; and Earth resources satellites collect data about Earth’s resources and environment for scientific study and research.
Visitors can step on the projected images to call out different types of satellites.

Exhibit Introduction:
The exhibit uses Motion-Sensitive Interactive multimedia to illustrate artificial satellites with different functions, which will be displayed on a screen wall as the visitors steps on different images of artificial satellites on the ground.