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How does one live in space? Astronauts must live within an enclosed space station or space cabin in order to breathe as well as to avoid getting harmed by cosmic radiation. Moreover, eating and drinking, moving, and physical phenomena are all different in space than they are on Earth. Astronauts eat dehydrated food, use magnetic utensils, and must even fasten themselves before eating. Because there is no telling of day and night in space, they also need to adjust their daily routine to adapt.
Visitors can know more about the life of astronauts in space through the model of space food and space suits that are on display. 

Exhibit Introduction:
Experience the life of the astronauts via the dome cabin model of the Tranquility from the International Space Station. Space food and two sets of .space suit are also displayed. The visitors can get to know the lives of the astronauts through the graphic panels.